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Things one needs to know before buying Luxury Villas in Coimbatore!

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Not many people do know about Coimbatore, but it is lately coming into the eyes of luxury hunters. People looking for a mix of the urban and natural world are now shifting into Coimbatore. There are people looking for luxury villas in Coimbatore, Radvi says – Click here about Radvi. This has also called for many expert interior designers from around India. Their sole purpose? To help people and the city be a clean place to live. But, how good of a choice is it to buy luxury villas and apartments in Coimbatore?

Coimbatore is the second biggest city in Tamil Nadu. It is also the 16th largest urban agglomerated city in India.

Luxury Villas in Coimbatore?


When we talk of Coimbatore, we talk of high-rises and luxury villas. But, how much of a good option is it? Before we dive into it, let’s first have a glimpse of what Coimbatore is.

When we look at the geography of Coimbatore, it is located at the edges of Noyyal river. This river side location infuses it with life and spirituality. This is not all – when you look up towards the horizon you find Coimbatore to be in the lap of Western Ghats. Rivers and Mountains and greenery is what makes Coimbatore a beautiful blend of nature and urban. It is this city that has its root in the rich heritage of Earth and the head towards the futuristic path. This city is often referred to as the Manchester of Southern India because of it being the central hub of textile.

Coimbatore has been ranked 7th in the Ease Of Living Index 2020. This city offers people their very right – to have a rich and peaceful life while being connected to the nature. For this very reason people come here to look for luxury villas in Coimbatore, Radvi says. And they never regret their choices.

Why is Coimbatore a good choice for luxury villas?

When people talk of peace and calm, they usually talk of nature and the wild. This often comes with a lack of comfort because nature does not harbour comfort. It tests your very patience. But Coimbatore has worked towards this challenge. The government has worked hard on its development. Here is why Coimbatore is a bliss for peace and luxury seekers –

  • The climatic conditions stay decent all through the year. You do not face the harsh conditions with temperatures peaking to 50 degrees. The average summer temperature goes as high as 35-36 degrees.
  • Cost of living in Coimbatore is decently low. This is the reason that it has been ranked 7th in Ease of Living Index 2021.
  • The condition of roads are of fine nature. Roads are clean and of good quality. The connectivity is good across the city.
  • You get an easy entry to the three states surrounding it.
  • The Coimbatore International Airport provides an easy and fast mode of transport.
  • Because it has been surrounded by the Western Ghats, the quality of air is pure. You won’t face any health issues while living in the city.

Thus, there rarely is any reason to deny that Coimbatore is not a good option to look for luxury homes and villas. But, because people are shifting here in numbers, lots of scam real estate companies have started to scam the strangers. The suggestion is to always look for a reputed real estate consultant that has an old past record of fine quality.

How to look for Luxury Villas in Coimbatore?

We strongly suggest you to get in touch with a reputed real estate company in Coimbatore. Falling in the wrong hands will not serve you with a real good experience. While looking for Luxury Villas in Coimbatore, Radvi suggests to do thorough research, locally and online, to learn about the company. Always look for a local company. Radvi has been serving from past 3 decades in the area and is a reputed company – click here about Radvi. A local real estate consultant will be able to guide you better about the surroundings.

Look for a local real estate consultant!

Every place has its own goods and bads that a local alone knows. Talking to a foreign company won’t help you much to learn about a location. Here are the reasons why a local real estate consultant is always a better choice!

  • A local agent holds proper knowledge and expertise in the geography.
  • You’ll better be able to know about the local culture.
  • Local agents know better about the pricing.
  • Their network in the area remains stronger and thus you get a good deal.
  • They hold the knowledge of local laws and legal requirements. Because they have a strong network, they handle legal things easily.
  • Easy availability to show you places. Whenever you are in the area and want to see the place and the locality, a local agent remains easily available.

When you look for a local agent, your chances of getting scammed falls greatly.

Do a thorough research about the area!

The Internet is there for a reason – to help you in a better way. The Internet is not only for watching your favourite shows. Make better use of it and do some research on your own end. Learn about Coimbatore, its places, its connectivity, the malls, and other facilities. Coimbatore has many places like Saravanapatti, Kurumbapalayam, Annur, etc. that provide luxury villas and safe gated apartments.

Doing research will help you make better decisions. It will help you get the fog off your mind and convey your desires clearly to the real estate consultant. It leads to a state of better decision making and avoids any follies in the future. You would want to be as correct as possible while buying a luxury villa. It costs you a luxury and you’d not want to waste it all due to poor planning.

When it comes to Coimbatore, no one regrets buying a luxury villa or home inside this clean and beautiful city. It has the development of Delhi, cleanliness of Indore, and calm of the Himalayas. Just talk to a local company offering luxury villas. Get in contact with Radvi and talk to one of their expert consultants – Click here to know about Radvi. They are experts in the complete real estate field including interiors, architecture, consultancy, etc.

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